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Luke Timian

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I love to watch Timian play! If theres one kid the rest should learn to emulate, he would be right up with anyone in the conference for that status.

In the IU Offense Timian is defeinitely the most likely receiver to get lost in coverage, and I see him having a huge year, as well since most teams will be forced to focus on Westbrook,Hale, or others in the offense.Even if one or more of the TEs play out of their minds and emerge to secure Thomas's spot in the 2- deep, Luke will still most likely be the "security blanket" from the slot in this year's offense.He'll still play in critical situations should Harris , Philyor, Taylor or others who could possibly see snaps in the slot are producing, because he has valuable experience and gives 100 every snap.Should he be forced to play behind a teammate this year his attitude is still in the right place.And although it may not be eyepopping, his ability isnt to be underestimated, either.Kids who have no business at a high major dont get kept much less valued for what they can do on the field. You know what youre getting with Timian, and that trust is important to both coaches and the QB. I wonder how many opposing coaches will nake the error of assigning a young DB to cover him lol Cant wait to find out!!

I'm always rooting hard for Luke! 



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