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FIU Pregame Thread

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When: Saturday, September 1st at 7pm ET on CBS Sports Network

ESPN: 80% chance of IU victory

Vegas: IU -10.5

This is a makeup game from the hurricane cancellation from last year. FIU finished 2017 8-5 and lost to Temple 28-3 in the Gasparilla Bowl.




In Sagarin, FIU was ranked #116 and we were ranked #57 at the end of 2017.

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18 hours ago, Dr. Jones said:

Is it just me or is it risky to have our #1 and #2 RB's as our primary Kickoff returners?  I know PSU got away having Barkley as theirs.

I don't mind it too much with all the new rules of the last few years to protect returners.  I saw that our longest return last year was 31 yards, so maybe they're trying to kick start that part of special teams.  With the new fair catch rule of being able to fair catch inside the 25 and start at the 25, we need smart players back there to know when to fair catch and when to try to return it.

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Butch Davis lost a good chunk off of his bowl team from a year ago but the talent is there....just young.  Especially speed. Teams like FIU and now FAU (Lane Kiffin) have long been known for getting kids who couldn't go to Miami, FSU or Florida because of either off the field issues or academic reasons. Maybe it's the pessimistic IU fan in me (hate being this way) but for some reason I'm feeling this game is closer than the 10+ spread Vegas thinks. I'll just take a win. 

They return everyone on the line. Added a Bowling Green RB grad transfer and have some nice pieces at WR. Thinking it's going to be easy will get us beat.

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This week, I've been watching some games from last year while I work out, notably the Michigan and Virginia games.  A few things that stood out as they pertain to this year that I noticed after viewing things a bit more objectively:

- Our offensive line has A LOT of room for improvement; Michigan's D-Line looked like they were NFL quality at times against IU.  Ramsey and Lagow both struggled because of it.

- Ramsey actually played very well; his accuracy and decision making were better than I remembered.  I think the whole "arm strength" thing is EXTREMELY overblown.  Ramsey could definitely improve with better arm strength, but  I'll take accuracy and good decision-making over Favre-type bullets every day.  Also, he did a great job extending plays; he really does have good mobility.

- Our run defense was worse than I remember it.  Defense was largely solid in the games I rewatched, but we definitely struggled against the run.

- No respect from the officiating crew against Michigan, despite the fact that Michigan could barely snap the ball without committing a penalty themselves.  We will be fighting an uphill battle, if and until we are "playoff capable."  If a call could go either way, expect it to go to the other team in the Big Ten East.

- Along the same lines; we have to be smarter about creating situations where those calls could go either way.  No stupid targeting calls, etc.

- Did I mention our O-Line needs to improve?

- Last, though I only rewatched a few games, Ellison really only made a big difference against Virginia after they were worn out.  Gest looked better than I remembered, and Majette should be solid with decent blocking.

If IU improves those things, I'd think they'd be a formidable team, and I'd expect them to come to play against FIU, which SHOULD be game IU dominates (but I've been an IU fan far too long to hold my breath, so count me as cautiously optimistic).

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The Miami Florida weather forecast is for scattered THUNDERSTORMS with a 50 % chance of rain for IU's game at FIU !! Be careful , IU Fans who are planning to attend the game !! May our players , coaches , and fans be safe  !! The FIU Stadium only holds 20,000 ! I don't know if the game is scheduled to be played  in the FIU Stadium or a larger one ?? At any rate , Go Hoosiers and be safe !! P.S. I'll go with ODDS Shark's prediction of Indiana 31 FIU 21. I agree though with the posters who fear this game and are a little worried ! The Hoosier players need to be totally focused ! With Coach Allen at the helm, I think they will be !! Go HOOSIERS BEAT FIU ( weather permitting completion of the game ?)

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