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Article: Film Study on Evan Fitzner


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Hi all - 

Just wanted to share an article that I published earlier today on Evan Fitzner. As suspected, Evan is a great shooter but he may not be the replacement for De'Ron Davis as many others believed. Fair warning, there's lots of clips for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 

Hope you guys enjoy it!

(PS: Feel free to follow as I will be writing more articles similar!)



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On 10/14/2018 at 6:59 PM, Mac said:

Thanks for posting this. I like this kid.

Thanks Mac!

I think one of the things I realized after writing the article is that we might need to temper some of the expectations on Evan. 

Yes we bring an experienced sharpshooter, which we had a gigantic gap in last year's roster in that department.

However, there's probably also a reason why he got less playing time at St. Mary's. As a 4 or 5, he's been getting pushed around in the paint against stronger and more aggressive guys. 

Ironically, his west coast ball would have been really great under CTC (my hot take for the day).

That being said, if we can get a solid 8-12 points per game in 15-18 minutes from him off the bench, Archie will be internally smiling from the sidelines.

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