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Bryant Fitzgerald has been ruled ineligible


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He can't practice or play but he'll have to use a redshirt for the year?  What sense does that make?

This better be a serious, serious error we made for the NCAA to keep this kid out.  He had nothing to do with this, but the NCAA is hammering him.

It sounds like we were open and proactive with the NCAA about this mistake.  I love that we do the right thing, but the NCAA routinely punishes programs that do the right thing and lets off programs that don't.  They sure know how to set up a system that encourages honesty 9_9

If we would have denied it and fought it like UNC has done, he could have used his 4 years of eligibility before the NCAA ever decided anything.

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1 minute ago, KoB2011 said:

My thought is he didn't meet an academic requirement. 

I'm thinking that too.  He must not have met something and the compliance department didn't catch it.

If it was some kind of paperwork thing I think he'd be able to get that figured out pretty easily.  If it was an academic requirement, it would be tough to get that made up in only a few weeks.

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