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New Film Room: Exciting Robert Phinisee clips!


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Thank you guys for your feedback on the Evan Fitzner article. It was by far our most popular article since the inception of Indiana HQ. 

I am back at it again, this time with Rob Phinisee. After watching several hours of film on him, I can honestly say that fans should be really excited to get one of the best two-way freshman guards I have seen in recent years. His understanding of the game enables him to see plays while they develop. Now a lot of players can do this on offense, but Phinisee also has this uncanny sense on the defensive side of the ball. 

As always - I appreciate any comments and whether or not these articles are valuable to continue. 

Small edit: If you are able to add one more to your twitter follower list, that would help us tremendously! I promise we'll only post IU relevant topics. 🙂 

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