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HSN - We (the mod team) are very excited about the upcoming basketball season and I am seeing some of the excitement already on the board.  I just wanted to take time to remind everyone to follow the rules.  We do this reminder every year but this year I really want to stress these rules.  We don't want HSN to be a G rated 1940's Disney movie but we do want to make sure that we are treating each other with respect...and just as important, we treat our student athletes with respect. As many of you know, we have a lot of lurkers (and some posters) that are IU athletes, family members, recruits, coaches, etc.  In the last month or so some of our moderators have been contacted by influential people politely asking if we could moderate some of our posts that could be considered offensive.  We consider these requests carefully and when appropriate we edit posts with full disclosure...changing foul language, name calling, etc. 2 things on this...one, we always edit with careful consideration and two, we show that we have edited the post.  

HSN, while certainly not the biggest Indiana site, has a respected history as one of the more thoughtful sites for good discussion of IU sports.  We want to continue to be that sort of site.  So please remember that we know for a fact that recruits and recruit's family, IU players and family, coaches and administrators read this site.  Without further ado here are the rules, pretty much the same ones when we started HSN1.0.

Thank you for your fine participation.  This site is nothing without you.  We are lucky to have all of you as members and please remember...this is free for you.  There is no membership fee, no ads, no attempts at taking your money.  This is a true fan sports site.  By the people, of the people and for the people.

Let's go HOOSIERS!

"Thank you to everyone that gave us input regarding guidelines for keeping civil discourse on the forum. Here is what we came up with...Not long but important.

-Respect all members, including moderators.

-No name calling.

-Attack the play not the player.

-No deliberate attempts to hijack threads.

-No cursing.

-No nude or vulgar material.

-No soliciting.

-No posting of copy written material, without giving a link, or credit.

-No politics or religion.

-Any questions about posts/threads getting deleted, should be addressed to any moderator via a private message, rather than posed on the board."

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