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In the Film Room: Markus Howard


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I broke down Markus Howard's game to see what exactly makes him so dangerous. 

1. He is extremely confident in his shot from the distance - he shot over 50% his freshman year and over 40% last year. Just a little separation is enough for him.

2. He has the burst to get to the rim and has the ability to finish tough shots.


Indiana's keys to stopping him?

1. Create the mismatches. Markus is only 5'11" and he has a really tough time guarding taller players. While he may look like Yogi offensively, he is no where near the two-way player Yogi was.

2. Take advantage of the open man. I am not entirely sure if it's Markus or Marquette's defensive scheme, but he tends to lose track of his assignments. Find the open man and Indiana will be rewarded.


Enjoy and I appreciate any feedback! Hope this is useful for HSN!

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