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Some Ratings and Stats as of Today, 12-19-18

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Rank: 15th

SOS: 19th

v top 25: 1-1

v top 50: 4-2

B1G teams ahead of us: MSU, MU, Neb, Wisc


Rank: 24th

SOS: 45th (AdjEM)

Adj O: 36th

Adj D: 21st

B1G teams ahead of us: MU, MSU, Wisc, Neb, and ... PU -- Hey Kenpom, get your act together

IU Stats:

Indiv PPG: Romeo 17.7, Morgan 17.3, Justin 8.3, Rob 7.5

FG%: Morgan 67%, Davis 64%, Zack 57%, Fitz 54%, Romeo and Justin 49% (of players averaging double digit minutes)

3-point%: Morgan 48%, Fitz 45%, Rob 43%, Al 40% (on 30 attempts, 2nd most) 

Romeo has taken the most 3's (41) but is shooting only 22%; Zack is shooting 50% but has only taken 6

Indiv Boards: Morgan 7.6, Romeo 5.5, Justin 4.1, Rob 3.0

Steals per game: Rob 1.2, Green 1.1, Romeo .9, Smith .8

Minutes per game: 10 players averaging double digit minutes (Davis the fewest at 12.4)

Assists: Rob 3.6 (to1.8) Green 3.1 (to 2.6)

FT%: Green (86%), Al (77%). Fitz and Rob (69%), Romeo (68%), Smith (62%) -- Free throw percentages still way too low



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23 minutes ago, hoosier8760 said:

Mcroberts needs to shoot more or get off the floor

The darn thing is that he is capable from three point range.  And I keep saying to him..... see the bucket..... take the shot !

Now on the other hand, and despite all the good things Romeo brings..... IMHO, Romeo needs to limit his shooting treys.  Not stop... just limit them, until they start falling in.

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