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Trying to remember off the top of my head, I think he said he'd like to get 2 OL, 1 DL, 1 DB, and 1 WR. He said it could change, but that's the idea as of now.

I'm feel pretty confident that we're looking at Kamaar Bell, Danielson Ike, and Jonathan Allen at OL.  Probably trying to flip Kristian Williams from Minnesota for the DL, and not as sure about the other positions. I'm guessing we'll hear some new names coming up in the next month that we get in on.

We're probably leaving a WR spot open for David Bell on the miracle chance that he doesn't pick PU, so I'm guessing we won't know who we're looking at for WR until after he announces.  Wouldn't surprise me if a new name emerges shortly after that.

I'd like to see us get Charles Njoku. I think we could use a tall WR to replace Westbrook and Hale after next year. We should be set on speed guys for a few years with Whop, Taylor, and Da'Shaun Brown coming in this year, assuming Brown plays WR which I think I've read somewhere that he will. It seems like Njoku is pretty wide open after he decommitted from Missouri last month.

Other guys we're showing warm interest in are MJ Devonshire at DB, and Latrell Jean at DL, but I don't know what our chances are with those two.

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2 hours ago, dwtaylor1055 said:

coulda swore I saw where someone committed on Twitter to IU yesterday.  I have been sick the last two days so I could have very well imagined it. 

I haven't seen anything.  Maybe you're thinking about Wommack being promoted to DC, and the drugs you're taking for being sick are getting to you!

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