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Illustrating how great Terry Hutchens was...

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Went to my brother's on Saturday for our Christmas between his family and mine. He shared with me a story that illustrates what a great man Terry Hutchens was.

One of my brother's friends from HS's son is a big IU basketball fan. He went to a Terry Hutchens' book signing a couple of years ago. While Terry was signing the book, Nolan (the son) asked Terry if he would write a book about him. Terry said something along the lines of "sure, kid I'll write a book about you."

With most people, the response of writing a book about a kid they just met would likely just be made in a joking/kidding manner, not with Terry. He wrote "When I Grow Up I Want to Play for Indiana" for Nolan and used his name (and his sister's) in it. He even requested photos of the kids so they could be passed along to the publishers to make the cartoon kids in the book look like their real life counterparts. 

The book came out a few months ago and the Friday before the Crossroads Classic, Terry did a book signing in Columbus, IN close to where Nolan lives. Nolan attended and took a pic with Terry and his sister. 

I thought this was a really cool story that shows what so many have said about Terry. He communicated with the public in a personal way that most in his position did not and he followed through on his commitments/statements as much as anyone I've ever heard of.

I considered just putting this in the RIP Terry Hutchens thread, but really wanted to make sure it wasn't lost there since people who have already posted their condolences might not return to it.

Also, for any of those interested in the book, here is a link to it at his website: https://terryhutchenspublications.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fwhen-i-grow-up-i-want-to-play-for-indiana


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Great story.  Glad you started another tribute to Terry.  And a personal remembrance as well.

When the mention of "When I grow up, I want to play for Indiana" ... is ironic , in that just today.... I ran across the video, that starts out with the exact same theme.

 "Hoosiers Hoops"

And then, I found this one today, with a similar theme :

Hoosier Hoops - The Golden Era 

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