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Article: Film Study on Jack Tuttle


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Hoosier football fans, I hope you'll enjoy a long piece that we put together at IndianaHQ on Jack Tuttle. In the latest of our film room series, we stepped away from basketball and focused on potentially the highest impact pick up for Tom Allen. 

What does he bring to Indiana?

  • Great footwork and drop step
  • QB IQ
  • and an absolute cannon of an arm
  • In short, he is the prime archetype of a "pro-style QB"


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I have really gotten excited over last few weeks about IU football's potential next year,.... especially with Allen in the market for a new OC! 

I finally decided to thoroughly go through this film study article on new IU QB, Tuttle. All I can say is WOW!!! This kid is a legit, elite QB! Granted,....even though he's a stud, he looks even better because of the solid O-line around him. 

I was pleasantly surprised and most impressed  with.........

      1.  ...his athleticism and footwork.

      2.   ...his quick release and laser accuracy.

      3.  ...strength to throw the deep ball.

      4.  ...intelligence to read defenses.

       5.  ...his NFL size body.

Finally, three things that I can not figure out.

        1.   How in the world did Tom Allen land this elite QB with our poor performance this season?

         2.   Was Tuttle told about landing suprise recruits/coaches that only he and the coaches know?

        3.  How did IU beat out the likes of Alabama, Auburn, USC and many other power five schools?

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