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Quoted: IU at MSU


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You know Mile, counting the eye test, they've already played 4 of what I believe are top 25 teams going into this Saturday's game..For whatever reason fair or not the voters seem to be holding the IU loss against UVA to a large degree, despite what they've done since to move to one win from bowl eligibility themselves..I can wager a quick guess why that would be. Just a side thought to that since IU's record is probably why that loss is keeping the Wahoos out. Given they were to OSU,PSU, and UM in mostly competitive manner ,Indiana even at 3-3 certainly isn't a bad loss on any resume except maybe a playoff contender's. 

Unfortunate how perception works sometimes, but rankings are a lot like calls.Some teams have to do more than others to get them..You can only play the schedule, but there are even some ranked schools who would have an identical record to Indiana playing IU's schedule to date.

Definitely a brutal start and based off  the rankings of their past opponents alone, they've done no less than what they're "supposed to" on paper so far..I agree bowl hopes are looking solid enough that even a loss Saturday wouldn't be huge cause for panic quite yet.


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