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Area's of concern


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Aside form the lack of effort at times. This years version of Indiana basketball is far from what Indiana basketball was built on. Three area's of concern that have to be addressed in the off season either thru recruiting or teaching. 


   .a. Taking care of the basketball

2. Shooting

   a. Teams will pack the defense in or play zone. 

3. Basketball Players

   a. We have talented athletes, but no basketball players with instincts. Robert P is the closest we have and he is a Freshman. 


Those three area's have to be addressed for us to become Indiana once again. 

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I think you can add "drive".   This team seems to have long spurts with no energy level.  Watching others rebound, late to the ball, lazy passes, slow ball movement, stagnant offense standing around and the list goes on.  There are times when they are clicking and they look very good but the prolonged dead periods make it hard to win down the stretch.  


Edit: Sorry I now have read the entire post, lol.  lack of effort at the top!!!!


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Somewhere in there you have to allow for an adjustment to the speed of the game for frosh. That doesn’t mean that EVERY freshman can’t adjust, but I also can’t say every one of them do. Some just need a year and the game slows down and they look a lot smarter. 

But yes I do agree with you on your points.

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