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Original Flooring - Early IU Basketball Court

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3 hours ago, Hoosierhoopster said:

Not sure if posted elsewhere, the original flooring of the 1928-60 IU b-ball Court, the Garret to McCracken era, has recently been discovered in a storage facility in Indy — apparently much of it still in good condition. They’re figuring out what to do with it — pretty cool.

Got a link....I want some of that!

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12 hours ago, Indy1987 said:

Cool.  IU sold pieces of the court before.  Basically a small piece mounted with the history.  Seems like they were $25 for a small one to sit on your desk or $50 for a nice wall plaque.  I have one boxed up somewhere.  

Go Hoosiers!!!

I have a small piece from mid 70' s to early 90's on a plaque.


I also have an 8ftx10ft piece of the court where I had my first head coaching job and that is the court we won the sectional at. Had some water damage 1 summer and a big piece ended up as the floor of my office at home.

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