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Homeless man saves lives after fiery crash in Denver West


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1 hour ago, IUFLA said:

Sad...but glad to hear you weren't involved in that accident. Have to check on my counterpart in Denver and his staff still.

Thanks for your concern.  That part of Denver is not part of my travels.  Thankfully.  Hope the people you know were not involved. This accident was caused by a backup created by a previous accident, in which school buses were involved.  Cars stuck on the interstate, because of the bus accident.  Out of state driver hauling lumber on a flatbed tore through the cars parked on the interstate due to the bus accident.  Out of state drivers need to understand their speed when coming out of the foothills.  The driver had minor injuries. But has been arrested for  several counts of vehicular homicide.  I have even seen this reported on National tv.

Colorado Department of Transportation says it could be several days before they can open the interstate back up again.  It was too hot for them last night to start clean up operations.  Sadly several bodies could not be recovered until Friday morning.  Once they clean it all up, they are going to have to rebuild the highway.  That's how hot the fire got.


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