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Just a pre-game traffic/parking heads up.....


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As with every other IU Football and Basketball game I received my IUBB Gameday Information email prior to the Marian exhibition game. As always, I ignored it figuring I already know what I need to know and why the hell is it even necessary prior to a game that will be half attended anyway? WRONG!

I left my pre-game eating establishment about 30 minutes prior to tip and proceeded along my well established route to my parking in Zone F, Entry 14 knowing (I thought) how pre-game traffic was being routed and which were one way streets. I proceeded down 17th Street to take my normal right on Fee Lane to Entry 14. No problem until I got to Entry 14 (or at least where it used to be) and realized it is fenced off due to the new Volleyball/Wrestling facility in my parking lot - Entry 14 no longer exists! So, I pulled into Entry 13 (where my cushy reserved spot USED TO BE) and was told by the attendant that I would need to continue North on Fee to the bypass and then circle West to Dunn and then South to 17th so as to head one way East on 17th to Entry 2. I was able to convince the attendant to let me turn back South on Fee to 13th and then catch Walnut Grove directly into Entry 2 across 17th but it was a hassle.

Anyway, as one might conclude, the email sent gave a zone by zone description regarding entry as well as adjusted traffic patterns, pre and post game. So, needless to say, I will not be ignoring those emails again. I am thinking that my new route made necessary by blockage of Entry 14 combined with the more robust security screening process will require me to leave my pre-game locations considerably earlier than in the past.

Again, just a heads up! 
Go Hoosiers!!!!!

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