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Indiana 97 Kentucky 64

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Here in the Indy area they actually showed the all star game tonight and let me say that Kentucky was really bad.  Their Mr Basketball did not play due to an injury but I doubt it would made a huge difference.  Both guys going to Purdue were the leading scorers with Newman having 18 and Thompson with 17 and TJD had 16.  One thing about TJD that he really needs to work on is using his right hand because he is so left dominate.  On one play he made a great spin move going left so he should have put it up with his right hand but still shot eft and got it blocked.  Franklin really did not show that much and I think he had 4 or 6 points and missed both 3 point shots.  He did show some play making plays with his passing but he needs to be more aggressive.

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