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Most obnoxious fans in all of Sports ?

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 Depends. General rule of thumb for me is the usual suspects......Purdue, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio St,etc...but when my teams (Cubs, Bears, IU) are really good we are certainly capable of being some of the most obnoxious. 

Other schools really close on my list. Notre Dame and Michigan. They don't realize how bad they've fallen off the national stage in football (kind of like us in hoops). 

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13 hours ago, milehiiu said:

A takeoff of the thread I started about least liked teams.  This time. Instead of teams.  About fans.

For me :

College BB, Illinois fans.

Pro Football, Oakland, LA, and soon to be Las Vegas Raider fans.

In general most teams on the east coast(New York, Boston, Philly)

UK and Purdue


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8 minutes ago, milehiiu said:

Concur.  Makes me appreciate HSN even more.  Mods do a great job monitoring this site.

I have not been over their since February but I bet right now that they are still having the same arguments about whether Archie should have been fired after this season.  There is one over there that thinks he has all of this inside info which has pretty much been wrong all the time and I bet he is still calling Archie a clown show.

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