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Willing to travel to the Dominican Republic ?

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This one may have happened anywhere.

A) He was the recipient of a kidney transplant. That means there's a very good chance he was on immuno-suppressants to prevent organ rejection, meaning his immune system is weaker than an average person's.

B) I'd put money on it being MRSA. Painful bump, which lead into fever, vomiting, then kidney failure....textbook symptoms. May have even initially occurred before he left the country.

I've had a MRSA infection (unintentionally ruptured blister from a burn on the tip of my thumb) and they are an absolute beast to fight. I'm in relatively good health, and I still wound up with some nerve damage as a result of it. 20 days of oral antibiotics that reeked havoc on my stomach, and a month of topical antibiotic. Required both surgical and enzymatic treatment to clean it out. Two months before it totally healed. And this was a spot about the size of a pencil eraser.

That's what an infection like that can do to a healthy 29 (at the time) year old. Someone 20 years older already in an immuno-compromised state? I wouldn't have given him much better than 50/50 odds had that happened in the US. Improved chances? Yes, but still fighting uphill. People die in the US of the same infection and have never left the country.

I don't plan on taking any vacations to the DR either, but I always try to call a spade a spade, and I can't lump this one in with the others.  These kind of infections can happen anywhere in the world and are hard to treat even for very skilled practicioners.

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4 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

I bought vacation packages for 3 of my ex-wives just today.  

Make sure to tell them to take a drink from the mini bar.

Tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic: what travelers should know - Vox

Seriously. There is something going on in the D.R. All Americans.  Autopsy's being denied. And much,much more.


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2 hours ago, NotIThatLives said:

If say now would be the best time to book.   Cheap prices, heightened security, empty pristine beaches,  and resort to yourself.  Your still probably talking 1 in 100,000 plus.  With international intelligence agencies lookimg into it i'd say your chances become 1 in a 500,000,000

Good thought.  Yet. I would stay away. 

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