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Build the list. Rank IU's top all time BB players

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Ivan Renko and Larry Bird do not count.

Guys who actually played for IU.  From any time. Current players ARE eligible. 

If I can ask. As we build the list.  Add the next number.

I will start.

Number one

1)  Walt Bellamy

Now, Hoosier Sports Nation.  Add to the list.

Edit :  Per suggestions.  I have changed the thread title.  Rank 'em HSN. 

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8 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

You are joking.  Right?  How many national players of the year and #2 NBA draft picks have played for IU?

I am saying he had him at 4 and I don't see him that high on the list.  also that draft was horrible with Bennett taken #1 and Cody at # should tell you about that draft.

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