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Hoosiers in the Pros - Top 10 Highest Former-IU Salaries in 2019

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10 minutes ago, IU Scott said:

Well in baseball until you reach arbitration your salary can be controlled.

True. Had to check.  First year out of arbitration. Chris Bryant was over $10 mil. Now over $12 mil.

But look at Thomas Bryant.  Not taking anything away from Bryant.  However considering his time in the league, and his struggles to break through. Just does not seem fair.

Especially for a guy who is the only Cubbie to ever land a home run ball on top of the  score board at Wrigley.

 Kyle Schwarber Home Run Lands on the Scoreboard

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16 hours ago, 5fouls said:

While not exactly surprising, Jordan Howard not being on list while Nate Sudfeld is could be considered inequitable.  

Agreed - this is comparable to OG and Thomas Bryant.

One was drafted higher and showed enough value to their team for the team to execute their team option or sign an extended rookie contract (OG / Howard).

The other got waived (Bryant / Sudfeld). After getting waived, those two got paydays because they were able to show their worth.

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