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Player Profiles - Marcelino Ball

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Reece Taylor officially became my favorite IU player now that J-Shun Harris graduated, but well before Taylor committed,  I always agreed with thoughts on how much Ball means to the defense even when Covington and Scales were still at IU. . maybe the most critical role to it's success right up with developing a reliable pass rush up front.

I am hoping both Ball and Riggins can stay healthy  and not only help the IU Defense keep more plays in front of them this year, but also be the catalysts for some of the defensive scoring that Allen desires more of. Good write up as always TDh!  

Thanks again . I hope to see a similar profile on A'Shon Riggins soon as well .Curious if Riggins is projected to spend more time starting or as a back up this season. Due to how early both came in and contributed to the defense,  it inextricably linked them together in my mind, as a fan.

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