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Ball State Prediction Thread

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25 minutes ago, Leathernecks said:

I challenge the call on the field.

Be warned, no matter what the results of the review, Purdue fans will claim they got screwed.

If it was the altitude.  Then why in the heck did they agree to play a game at altitude ?  FYI Reno is 4,000 feet above sea level.

Indiana played Colorado in the 1970's, and destroyed the Buffs that day. At an elevation of 5,300 plus feet.  I was there.  A beautiful day.  And the altitude did not seem to affect our Hoosiers.

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TDH .Your 42-20 pick was close too..I don't read other peoples' score predictions before I make my own amd had no idea mine was so similar until I got curious reading this again post game.. IU blew a couple of what appeared to be otherwise near definite TDs on dropped passes although they recovered mentally to end with a rushing TD on that final IU TD drive Scott finished off.

I had picked 48-21 and thought they were a poorly executed play or two away from 40+ ..I think EIU offers less resistance than an opponent wanting some revenge  in it's season opemer against an intra-state rival in the NFL stadium in the State Capital.

Im going with 56-13 next weekend.Good pick @newhavenwarford!

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