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Slick Rick back in Louisville...

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1 hour ago, Steubenhoosier said:

Trying to get his $$$ back.

I hope they work out a deal where he owes the university.



They way things seem to work in this world he probably will get it back an apology key to city etc.. 

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Looks like they settled this...

No money for Slick Rick

Semantics change from "fired" to "resignation"


"From this day forward, I start my climb again"

Hope ole Rick keeps slipping and sliding down that mountain

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1 hour ago, 5fouls said:

Belief down here is that the University has a smoking gun against Pitino, and it probably is a big one.  No one believes that Rick would settle for no money just because of a wording change.  

One of the few times "big one" and "Rick Pitino" used in the same sentence. :coffee:

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