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  • 2 weeks later...

Allen said Stepaniak should be fine. He should start on Saturday... he also said that his son is out for the year with a shoulder. I guess Thomas's shoulder popped out of socket twice on Saturday and he kept playing. (James Miller played WELL in his absence). 

I don't think Stepaniak was an injury. 

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6 minutes ago, Zlinedavid said:

*ahem*.....Oh Nebraska.......there's your fake injuries. 

And yet. The Nebraska fans booed the young Mr. Allen.  Both times he went down. 

Honestly. I lost a lot of respect for the Nebraska fans.... who booed our guys, each and every time they went down.

Oh, by the way.  The Denver Post on Sunday had an extensive article on the game.  It warmed my heart, each and every time an IU stat, or great play was mentioned. Nothing was said about fake injuries.  Significance of that, is rarely does this paper ever run a story on our Hoosiers.  Many times, not even listing the game. 

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