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IUWBB gains 2 spots to #18 in the polls

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Still in the hunt for the title and on track for both good BTT, and NCAAT seeding.They let a couple games slip away, but glad they didn't let it keep spiraling out of control. Seem about due for a particularly strong game, and I think(also hope) this road win turns into even more momentum. Beating Purdue is always priceless in itself but if it can be a springboard to even more success that would make it even sweeter..Lol 

I took a look at the apparent situation moving forward from here. 

This game against Maryland is huge and a lot could be riding on it for the tourney resume. I would guess that they have a chance to play their way to as high as the 3rd, maybe even 2nd NCAAT seeding line? with a strong run down the stretch and a good showing in the BTT.  That probably requires winning either or both of the conference and the conference tourney  , but it DEFINITELY requires winning this home game. Also not losing to Illinois - the last truly "bad loss"  left out of the remaining opponents. This game against Purdue(and the W against Rutgers) illustrated the cut off line appears to be after the top 4 with the top tier in the Women's B1G this season. The "2nd tier" is fairly large though as with the men's B1G. YOu never kknow how it might change with so much left to be played. but as of today.  Losing to Northwestern and Iowa sucks since it was only meetings, but both are good teams, and contenders. However no guaranteed rematches for either of those make avenging the Maryland result all the more important in addition to outright impact on the B1G title race. They may get another crack at Iowa and Northwestern but that is totally dependent on B1G tournament paths and results. 

That double digit SC win also keeps looking better and better! 

Hats off to Coach Moren on getting them on a streak back into the win column!! I hope the turnout at The Hall for UMD is good. This team deserves it! She's legitimately on any short list for B1G COTY if it were given out today.  I would also wage a guess that Coach Moren isn't totally out of the conversation for the national award either. Despite being losses , being down just 4 to Raylor just over the 3 minute mark in the 4th,and falling short to UCLA who has proven to be legit top 10 caliber are nothing to sneeze at either If they can just close the season strong enough,  who knows on the national award. Losses are losses but if you had to sit and pick which 4 those are the  you would stomach the easiest on the value. And nobody is giving that SC win back LOL  Those things will fall where they may. Keep taking care of business, ladies! GO IU!!!

Oh and Best wishes to Bendu Yeaney after learning she ha decided to transfer.That is all from me, but I follow the IUWBB season closely and don't comment on the Women's team as much as they deserve.. Some I comment on more than they deserve in proportion with current success , so just making it right for a change .


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