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OL recruit size


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Randy Holtz 6'7 330

Luke Wiginton 6'5 285

Kahlil Benson 6'6 330

Brady Feeney 6'4 325


That's some serious size. I listed Wiginton because he's on campus and I would bet he's 300 by the time the season rolls around. Couple these guys with Bedford 6'6 315lbs, Caleb Jones 6'8 360lbs, Aidan Rafferty 6'6 320lbs.... we've got some serious size and length. 

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I'm with you.  They are all guys who we know can put on good size.  Once they get in our strength program, they are going to be some bad dudes.

It will be nice that they have the size to come in and compete right away.  If a guy comes in at 265, it would probably take a year for them to get big enough and strong enough just to compete with the size of guys in practice.  Most of the guys in this class should be big enough to compete in practice from day 1.

I would love to have a line that during games they show the average size and compare it to the average NFL size line.  Seems like Wisconsin has one of those lines every year.

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