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I just wanted to share just how happy and proud I am today. My son who is a college baseball player was just accepted into the Doctorate program at Mount St Joseph University, which was his first choice. I have never been more proud of anything else. He has worked so hard and deserves the very best. I am blessed to have such an amazing young man call me Dad. 

He just informed Coach that we will not be playing his Senior year so that he can focus on Grad school. I knew the day would come when baseball would be over but with him he has played for 18 years and I will be sad to see it end but happy for the next chapter. This year has now become his Senior year of baseball and we hope to not miss a minute of it.  God has blessed us in many ways but Oakley has worked hard to graduate in 3 years and be on the Deans list each semester and now getting into the Doctorate program. Just wanted to brag a little and share it with some of my closest friends. Thanks and have a blessed day.

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