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Things to work on in the off season


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Since we all have another month or so to think about stuff, instead of watching a great tournament, thought it would be nice to get everybody's take on the things that players (and coaches) should work on during the off season. Sort of a game plan for the summer, knowing who we're losing, who we're gaining and the strengths and weaknesses needing to be addressed to make this the best team possible. Don't want to this to be a report card kind of thread on each player, but rather constructive insights.

My first priority is for TJD: Do a Larry Bird and tie your dominant hand behind your back this summer and learn to play right handed, so that you can go either way attacking the basket. Adding a mid range jumper is secondary from my perspective with the team mates you'll have around you. You need to keep attacking the bucket.

Second for Armaan: Love you man, but get a shot doctor and become a "dead-eye" shooter from 3 pt range.

Third for Race: Wish everyone had the work ethic you do. Would like for Race to work on his offensive moves around the bucket to compliment TJD.

For the Freshman: Listen to your team mates this summer, and learn as much as you can about the Pack Line Defense. That will get you the most minutes, the fastest with Archie.

For the team as a whole: Learn how to use screens effectively, and "rub-off" your defender on the screener. Driving the ball 4 feet away from the screener negates the screen completely.

That's my starting point.

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