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OT : Story about Alex Bozich


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Glad he is doing well.  I, and I am sure some of the old timers recall when Alex started his site.  That was back in the days of John Decker's Hoosier Nation on Scout.  We gave him support. Tons of it.  And Alex would send me P.M.'s thanking me for the support we were giving his fledgling site.

As his site grew, I heard less and less from Alex.  Eventually, it got to the point where he would not even answer my P.M.'s or e-mails. It was as if he didn't even know who I was.    And I will leave it at that.

One thing about HSN 3.0.   It is free.  No membership fees.  No advertisements.  And it will continue to be that way.  And no one here is getting paid, much less enough to quit their day jobs. (that is, of course, those that are not retired, like me.  LOL )


Entrepreneur parlays IU hoops hysteria into thriving website | 2017-11-25 | Indianapolis Business Journal | IBJ.com

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