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A Somewhat Side-Note: Lost NBA Pre-Draft, Draft

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Among all the other things significantly affected by this virus, the NBA pre-draft and maybe draft are looking questionable. 

Here's a short article updating the current status

- information will provided on an unspecified future date re potential changes to the pre-draft process

- NBA execs agree the pre-draft process will be severely limited, or lost

- The league is accepting applications to the Undergraduate Advisory Committee, which provides feedback to players on potential draft stock

- players have until April 16 to apply, and are not be able to "test the waters"  while maintaining eligibility without first applying for an evaluation -- the UAC will probably play a larger role this season -- however, what it does is basically communicate through emails etc. with NBA execs seeking their input on players' draft stock, and for now anyway, the teams can't send scouts etc. to scout players, or have a combine, etc.


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Also the NBA is discussing a permanent shift of about 2 months in their season.  Xmas time frame to Finals in August.  Don't know how this would impact future draft processes and how players would remove their names from the draft.  Seems August would be to late to decide to return to school.

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