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Happy Holidays


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Hi folks:

Some of us on the mod team were reminiscing the other day how it's been upwards of 5, 6, maybe even 7 years since HSN.01.  We've carved out a little corner in the Internet and we're glad you're with us.  Through thick and thin, Moses Abraham heart-ache and Billy Donovan coaching searches chief among it all, we're happy to cheer on our Hoosiers with you all.

We're growing steadily and that's entirely due to the thoughtful dialogue that members here promote.  We're a little biased -- but we think we have the best posters on the Internet.

For some reason, you don't like Tuesdays.  What gives?


We definitely have a few night owls, though.  Looking at you, Ken.


And even a few friends from up north and other places


In all, we sure had a lot of visitors and you all looked at quite a few pages this month.  5a1e29f5ea5cc_ScreenShot2017-11-28at8_29_43PM.png.8e74d2e461427540637922c5345fcd06.png

Happy Holidays and thanks for being part of this quirky family with us.

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Not to mention the million plus views of the coaching search thread, after Crean's firing on HSN. 2.0 on 247.  Still feel that is a record. One that will never be matched on any other IU site.

Once again. You have exposed me for my late night and over night visits.  Rico was the first. However the real culprit is my 2 year old German Shepard, who wakes me during the night to chase rabbits, fox and and other animals roaming our yard.  She hunts, while I check the board for trolls.  We are a pair ! 

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