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The Scheme on HBO

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Had to start a thread about this. HBO is free right now and I highly recommend this show, which is about that whole NCAA recruiting scandal.

Ever wonder why nothing ever happened of it? Well the FBI was pretty much bluffing on what they had and were expecting everyone to take a plea deal, but they fought it. Does this mean that coaches don’t cheat? That answer to that is no. Wade and Sean Miller are dirty. Many coaches are dirty.

But it’s pretty clear the FBI entrapped Dawkins - their undercover agent kept pushing Dawkins to pay coaches after he refused multiple times; this is all caught on tape.

The crazy thing is the only thing Dawkins was convicted for was based on a new precedent, which accuses the people paying players (or facilitating payments) of defrauding the university the recipients of these payments go to! The university is the victim? 

This will pretty much make you lose faith in any institution. 


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It’s a good watch. I really enjoyed it. FBI agent Practicing entrapment. FBI agents stealing money during the investigation. Key documents/recordings not allowed in court to prove Dawkins case. Lol. 

I agree with the Yahoo Sports journalist about this false idea of amateurism. The kids are getting paid, it’s just not all done by the coaches. The smart coaches let the runners/agents etc do the dirty work. 

the idea that a school getting $150 million from Adidas (Louisville) is a victim bc Bowen couldn’t play for 1 year is an absolute joke and a shame. 

Kudos to Dawkins for fighting back. 

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