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Sebastien Scott - Preferred walk on


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Just read an interesting article on this young man over at ITH. Based on the comments of his coach and his continued growth and work ethic, it reminds me of a guy named Zach McRoberts.

McBob became one of my favorite players in the last few years because he left it all on the court. Mr Hustle. Wish we could clone that effort and inject it into all the guys that go thru the motions, instead of hustling all the time.

Scott seems to be that kind of a player, based on his coach. Even if he doesn't see any playing time, except for a couple of mop up minutes it appears he will definitely be a "team" player.

If you haven't read the article. Please do so, and let me know if I'm off base or not.

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Hey wait. You're directing Hoosier Sports Nation members to another IUBB site ?  How dare you !

Seriously.  I went there.  Alex was a good friend of mine, when he first started up ITH.  We supported the heck out of him  And glad his site is surviving.

The story is informative.  And thanks for letting us know.

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