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D1 Baseball predicts the regional matchups


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Has us going back to Louisville as #3 seed vs Auburn. They scare me zero so I'm good with it. To me, playing UL is a good thing for us.  They get a TON of Midwest kids and a lot of Indiana kids. We need to shut that down. The only advantage UL has is that they play in the ACC= warmer weather, better teams(gap is closing), bigger stadium, and larger fan bases. Other than that its a wash... KY and IN are about equal in baseball talent. IN obviously has a huge advantage in basketball and football. 

Other thoughts from the article... only 3 Big Ten teams which pisses me off. IU, UM, and Iowa. Complete disrespect. 

1- UL(1), Ole Miss(1)

2- Michigan(3), LSU(3), ECU(1)

3- SD(4)

We would've played those teams in the regular season. In parentheses is how many games we played against that particular team. The top end teams on our schedule were very good this year. All 3 of the two seeds could have ended up being 1 seeds this season. UL was always going to be a 1 this year. SD could have been a 2. 

Hope we can host a regional!!!

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