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CAM Radio Show 12/7


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Got quite a chuckle out of this:

On Devonte Green, “If he has the ball at the end of the clock, he’s really happy, because he knows he’s going to get a chance to launch one from about 25-feet out off of the wrong foot, one of those deals. He’s a great tough shot maker. He does it in practice all the time too, so it’s not surprising. He’s a risk taker. That’s who he is. I thought he played one of his best games of the season against Iowa, and coincidentally, he’s had, especially in these last week…I thought he’s had his best practices maybe since October. He’s a guy that you feel like should be able to get you a lot of stats. Assists, he can shoot, he can get to the foul line. So you’re always trying to work on that consistency level.” "

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