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IU Players in Madden

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A week or two ago a spreadsheet came out that had all of the ratings for players in the upcoming Madden. The whole discourse online about Madden ratings in general is a little over the top but I thought this spreadsheet was worth sharing because it's kinda cool to see which IU guys are in the game (or on a team and in the game at least). Here is a screenshot of all of the Indiana guys and their overall rating. If you are curious about the full sheet here is the link to the google doc (if you wanted to filter Indiana guys or the data in general, data > filter views > create new temporary filter) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/158hTQxmjFVvL_498dSa2PDsPwCHpjac2abkE7eWckH8/edit#gid=1662246935


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