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Challenge. For HSN members. Name the people in this picture.

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78 players tried out for the team.  Perhaps the greatest amature bb team in Olympic history.  With several no names... like Michael Jordan, and Patrick Ewing... among others. LOL. All hand picked by Coach Knight. While Coach Knight cut Charles Barkley from the team.


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The '84 Olympic team shot a "paultry" 63 % plus from the field.  In addition to Jordon, and Ewing.... there was a guy from New Castle, Indiana. Who happened to be the youngest guy on the team at that time.   Anyone dare to guess who that was ? 

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7 hours ago, milehiiu said:


Yep. However he made the team.

Pic is for all that tried out for the team.



Going to figure out how many players I can name based on that photo:

Back row - Vern Fleming, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Steve Alford, Chris Mullin

Row 5 - Joe Dumars

Row 4 - AC Green

Row 3 - Sam Perkins

Row 2 - Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing

Row 1 - John Stockton

Some other faces ring a bell but I can't quite name them. 

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