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Colin Cowherd


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2 minutes ago, rico said:

The more I listen to this guy the more I like what he says.

I've been a Cowherd guy for decades. Listen to his old stuff. Not saying he's batting a .1000 but he's usually right far more than wrong. My favorite clip was him and Whitlock talking about Knight and his comments about Wooden and Sam Gilbert. It's out there on Youtube.

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2 minutes ago, Steubenhoosier said:

I like Cowherd usually but sometimes he comes across as pompous.

I really like Clay Travis. He is on in the morning but not on Fox that is on Sirius. 

I see Clay Travis is on YouTube and he is alright but when he talks about the Corana bros it makes me shut it off.

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38 minutes ago, IU Scott said:

I have not watched him for years but when I did I could not stand him.  I put him in the same category as Stephen A and Skip Bayless

No worries. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.....but Cowherd in my 2 cent world isn't remotely close to the two you mentioned. Those two are more like DD. Throw it out and see what sticks. CC isn't those guys.

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