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Archie on "Tried & True" with Fisch


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Thanx to TDH, there was a podcast(?) that was posted with Fisch & Archie for about 20 minutes. Reviewed the end of last season, but also talked about this years team.

And while we all are happy about Race Thompson's improvement that has been posted before, the first player that Archie mentioned for improvement this year was Armaan. (my personal favorite) 2nd was Race.

With Kristian, Anthony, & Jordan being a lot of the focus for our discussions, I'm really pleased to hear about Armaan making some big strides.

Archie also re-affirmed a more perimeter focused offense, and pace of play, along with keeping those blankety-blank turnovers at bay. According to Arch, the team chemistry is also pretty good. Said there were no "cliques" within the team, and they all like each other. Not a bad place to start, if you're playing "team" ball, instead of "me" ball. (my words not Archie's)


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Franklin is a player that I think has a lot of potential. He showed as a freshmen that he has all of the skills at a solid level. He can get to the basket and finish, hit the mid-range, shoot from 3, handle the ball and can be a plus defender. The question for Franklin is can he take a couple of those offense skills and become great at them? That's the difference between a solid rotational player and a player that makes a big leap and potentially has all-conference ability. 

Can he develop into a 40% 3pt shooter at the volume of a starting player, etc.? On another board heading into last season it was said multiple times by a poster that Franklin has every skill that Romeo Langford has. I honestly don't disagree with that, but what seperates them is that Langford is elite at one particular skill (getting to the basket and finishing). Franklin isn't elite at any one thing yet. 

Right now Franklin has a lot of solid skills, his ability to turn 1-2 of those skills into elite skills will determine how far he can go. 

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I listened to it -- On those players, CAM did say he really feels that Armaan has a chance to be a 'special breakout guy.'

But he continued with "No one has made more strides in the last 6 months than Race"

Lead in and surrounding comments --

He started by saying things as a coach that you want to see, with his  normal "your younger guys are getting older."  Then "you have a lot of buy in." He repeated that a couple of times.

He then moved into talking about individual players, saying the "biggest thing is there's big game experience," and he followed that with commenting "Al really progressed at the end of the year." 

He said at the end of the year you could make the case that Race was a starter for us. (His exact words.) He then said no one probably has made more strides in the last 6 months than Race.

He then turned to Jerome and Joey, saying both were really first-year players for us last year, continued that Jerome was a true freshman who grew with the season, and Joey got us older. Then "Those guys now have a bigger role." (Which is a little off with Brunk as he had a big role that decreased with the season.)

He also made a few comments on Trayce -- 30 mpg as a frosh, and Rob, how he is now a junior and played a lot of minutes. He didn't really say more about Rob.

Can interpret these kind of comments in isolation, in a couple ways, but it sounded a lot to me as signaling Race has stepped into Smith's starting position, with Hunter and Brunk being key players off the bench. It also sounded like Armaan could, depending on his play, also start with Rob coming off the bench -- but that seems unlikely to me, assuming health, as big as CAM is on 'getting older' and 'big game experience' -- that's Rob. 

The "no real cliques' comment followed his noting that the new guys all kind of know each other, and Covid has kind of helped bring everyone together. 

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