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Defensive line preview

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Peoples is the x-factor for the defense this year.  Hagen was a solid recruiter, but our DL has been pretty poor rushing the passer the last few years.  I made a post around the time when Hagen left that we got almost no sacks in meaningful moments of games last year.  1 sack against Tennessee, 0 against MSU, 1 against Nebraska, 2 against Maryland, 1 against Purdue.  And that's the whole team, not just the DL.  About all of the rest of the sacks were in blowouts.  That won't get it done.

With our secondary being so good and Peoples emphasizing rushing the passer, we need to be averaging at least 2 sacks in meaningful games.  We got very little pressure outside of sacks too.  I think that's why our interception numbers were really bad last year.  We need to get some pressure and force some bad throws.

The talent is there, hopefully Peoples can get more pressure than we've seen lately.

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Surprised to see Sio ahead of Elliott on the depth chart at DT.  You hope that is about Sio's development and not Elliott (honorable mention All-Big Ten) falling off during COVID.  And then you have Johnson and Swann at the other DT.  The optimistic take would be that this is the highest level DT group IU has had in a few years, and the attention they attract should open things up for everyone else.

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