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Predict. IU vs PSU.


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17 hours ago, milehiiu said:

Post by IUScott, in the IU FB thread gave me the inspiration to start this.  Something we had a lot of fun with on John Decker's Hoosier Nation, back in the day.

So.  It's been some time.  But, Hoosier Sports Nation,  share your predictions for the game. 

I always look forward to these predictions prior to the game....especially from the opposing side. I was reading through Penn St.'s predictions yesterday and was pleasantly surprised as to how many of their posters are showing IU respect. Their predictions range from a 3 pt. win to mostly 7-10 pt. win.

I like what one poster said, "IU will not be an easy layup!" 

I'm going with 31-28...IU.


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