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Young Guns

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Watching Lander re-classify and knowing he was coming in at 17 years old, I was initially hesitant to project him having the type of frosh season most expect, as skilled as he is (the #1 ranked PG for his class before the re-classification). 

But noticed recently the other guys who came to IU at 17 years old -- OG, Bryant, and Vonleh. OK, that's pretty good company. Hadn't realized OG was 17.... Talk about talented young guns. ITH talked about that in their profile on Lander. https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/10/27/2020-2021-player-profile-khristian-lander/

Can't wait to see this kid getting the team out running on transition, and running pick and rolls with TJD, and driving and kicking to Hunter, Al, Rob and Franklin. We should be a much quicker team with significantly improved assists and a spread floor. 

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1 hour ago, TheWatShot said:

Crean had a knack for finding talented guys who were young for their class. Probably a reason why the NBA scouts are always breathing down our necks. 


Crean also liked to constantly remind everyone how young his teams were. 

You ever hear Cal talk?

Regarding Lander. Everything I've read and watched with my own eyes....he's our advanced Yogi at same age who is taller and honestly just a tad better at scoring. Not shooter but scorer. Given the fact he was calling out how he'd like to play with TJD and use a talent like that last winter I love the moxy. I think because he didn't have a huge recruitment he gets undersold a tad.....but he is the #1 PG in his class for a reason. Growing pains for sure but by late January/February (in normal years) this kid is special. 

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