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Espn new top 60 for 19'


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Hey HSN, loving the new site. I was a member on the old site, but didn't really post much. Looking to post more here though as it's much more user friendly, especially on mobile.

I don't know much about who all we're recruiting for the 2019 class, but based on the ESPN Top 60, I'm curious who you guys really want and what we need. I would gladly take any two of the following 3:

Matthew Hurt
Trendon Watford
Keion Brooks

Another one to keep an eye on is Trayce Jackson-Davis. If he's anything like his dad (Dale Davis I believe), I could only imagine having a guy that tough on the team. Curious to get your thoughts, and by all means, throw out some other names from the class that aren't on ESPN's list.

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1 hour ago, INDenizen said:

Agreed. I haven't recovered (and its been months now) from being baffled that Crean wasn't actively recruiting Trendon all along.

How? Why? What?

It is quite logical actually....He was actively trying to get fired.

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On 8/25/2017 at 11:42 AM, 5fouls said:

It would feel wrong to have Trendon Watford play anywhere else.  

No joke! With Christian having the legacy that he has at IU, you'd be stupid to not recruit his brother. Just that alone has to give you an edge over all other schools.

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