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Big Ten rankings

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I don't know how they rank.  Possibly based in part on last year, in part on coach's reps (Izzo for instance), etc.  The rankings obviously have nothing to do with who teams lost from last year or who is coming in.  Or else, how are OSU, Rutgers and Michigan all ranked ahead of IU?  I hate to believe there is still some anti-IU bias still remaining from the Sampson days, but one never knows with some writers.

Let's play the games.  Problem is, no matter how well we do, we start with a negative viewpoint from many.

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11 hours ago, BDB said:

Seems a little unfamiliar with this teams pieces.  Didn't mention Race until the very end of a pretty long article.  

And projects at 10th in the B1G.  Ouch 

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On 11/9/2020 at 12:40 PM, IU Scott said:

Still don't get the OSU love.  Also we will see how Rutgers will play at home this year without fans.  They only won a couple of road games last year and built their record at home and they might not have that advantage this year.

I am baffled by OSU. It seems to me they are clearly toward the bottom of the league - what am I missing here?

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