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Hello all --

A benefit of being on our own is that we can customize our board to our liking!  If we want a chatbox, boom, we get a chatbox.  A downside is that we have to fix problems on our own.  We're a rag tag team and none of us are tech professionals by trade, but we have a handy cadre of outside advisors we can call on when shit hits the fan.

To help us help you, if you have tech support needs, please use the following template in your post:

  1. Are you connected by mobile (phone), a computer, or other?
  2. Please list your technology brand, specifications (e.g. operating system), and browser.
  3. Have you cleared your cache and restarted your computer?  If no, stop here and do so.  Only continue if problems persist.
  4. Describe your problem in as much detail as necessary.
  5. Can you attach a screenshot?  If you don't know how, leave this blank and be sure to ask for help.
  6. When did this problem start?
  7. Does it persist across multiple devices (e.g. both on a computer and a phone, or only one or the other)?
  8. Do you have any other details you can share?
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