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Advanced metrics ....Anyone?


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So a conversation I have had tonight led to some curiosity on the advanced metrics of how Michael Penix fares stistically on plays when he has more vs less than 2 seconds to get the ball out through the 4 games to date. 

If not for lack of time I would go back through my DVR games and do the breakdown personally.Just real bad timing for me with daily life right now.

I would still like to know, as would at least one other poster ,  so just tossing this out there for anyone who might willingly take this on for the sake of their/your/ our curiosity.

 I will leave the "other" forum member anonymous unless they choose to self-implicate since THEY made the point in a text that led me to posting this! 😄

"Our" gratitude is extended in advance!  :) Thank you in advance! Lol


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I still don't have the time, and had to push the bedtime just to log in tonight. and figured this would slip would slip down the forum fairly quick 

However, Urbs had some thoughts and film study that I felt are interesting and relevant on his Urban Analysis linked in this piece on keys for OSU.. 



If it got posted elsewhere apologies, and I will try to go back and edit it out later today or tonight.


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