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OT: Anyone know how to cast a Zoom event to smart TV?


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Hope this helps, Eddy :

Cast Zoom to TV 

Mrs. mile attends church, book club meetings, and other meetings via zoom.  Used to use her iphone.  But just got an ipad with a bigger picture.  So I can understand your desire for a bigger picture. She is good at getting on Zoom... but has not tried putting on a smart tv..... yet.

Take care, Eddy.... and stay safe.

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3 hours ago, eddy4iu said:

My options are from iPad or Android phone to Vizio smartcast TV. Is one (iPad vs Android) easier?

I’ve googled it but wondering if anyone has done it successfully and ca pass on some tips.


Sort of depends on how smart your TV is. On an iPhone you can pull down from the top right corner and you should see a tap button Screen Mirroring! Or if your TV comes with Air Play capability you could try that. As a last resort there are lightening to HDMI connectors and you can just hardwire.

PS: hardwiring will not go against your tethering limits!

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