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Big Ten Predictions from National Media/CBB Sites

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I know there have been a couple posts about Big Ten predictions the past month or two but thought people might find it interesting to see some national media predictions all in one place and see how IU is typically ranked with the season starting tonight. Wanted to keep it more national or people who write about college basketball as a whole so I don't have any predictions from people who primarily cover IU. To add some frame of reference, tracked 11 of them last year and Indiana had the same average prediction as Iowa at 8.27, but Iowa finished 5th compared to Indiana at 11th.

Debated about including KenPom and Torvik pre-season rankings but felt like it would be a bit of a stretch to count where Big Ten teams fall in their entire college basketball rankings as conference predictions. I also added the predictions in from the guys at ThreeManWeave because I feel like I've heard/seen people online referencing their opinions more and more the past year or so



Obviously, pre-season predictions don't necessarily mean much (Purdue had an average prediction of 3.45 last year yet finished 10th), but they are fun to look at nonetheless. Here's a link to all of the predictions as well because just about everyone wrote about each prediction with some depth.

Parrish, Norlander, Palm, Boone, and Cobb: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/big-ten-expert-picks-2020-21-preview-illinois-predicted-to-edge-iowa-and-luka-garza-for-conference-title/ 

Medcalf, Borzello, Gasaway, Lunardi (ESPN Insider, paywall): https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/insider/story/_/id/30330508/big-ten-2020-21-predictions-b1g-stacked-there-national-title-contender 

Geary: https://www.si.com/college/2020/08/07/big-ten-basketball-rankings-illinois-iowa-michigan-state 

TeamRankings: https://www.teamrankings.com/blog/ncaa-basketball/2020-college-basketball-projected-standings-win-totals-preseason 

ThreeManWeave: https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/big-ten-basketball-preview-2021 

Rothstein: https://collegehoopstoday.com/index.php/rothstein-files/big-ten-preseason-preview/ 

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