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RIP Chuck Yeager


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RIP General Yeager...

Fascinating man...I read he autobiography long ago...They portray his  breaking of the sound barrier pretty well in "The Right Stuff" but believe me, there's plenty of other accomplishments that to me would merit a full blown movie about the man...

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31 minutes ago, Zlinedavid said:

When people have to question whether your biggest accomplishment was downing 11 Nazis or breaking the sound barrier in an experimental jet.....you've done something right. 

Local side note, he also drove the 500 pace car in 84 and 88.

At ease, airman. A life well lived. 

A big man.  A big life.  Thanks for the reminder about Indy 500.

Continue to stay safe Z man.

Chuck Yeager Breaking the Sound Barrier 

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